Ghana Hotel Review: Kempinski in Accra is it worth it?

Ghana Hotel Review: Kempinski in Accra is it worth it?

Last weekend I did what single moms the world over wish for the most. I had two whole nights by myself away from my still breastfeeding 22-month-old. I had been struggling to get a full night’s rest because let’s face it, breastfeeding a toddler is hard work. At 22 months he can fight you for his bobbi even at 4 am in the morning, especially if you co-sleep as we do.

Anyway back to the two nights away from the kid. I didn’t know where to go. I considered Zaina Lodge at Mole National Park and The Palms at Pram Pram but they required more travel time than I was willing to put in.

Having stayed at Movenpick, Labadi, Holiday Inn, La Villa Boutique Hotel, La Palm, and The African Regent in the past 5 years since I moved to Accra, I figured I should give Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel the newest of the lot a try. They advertise as a 5-Star Hotel and I wanted a 5-Star kind of experience, after all this was my mama’s weekend off #staycation.

I made my reservation online via Expedia and checked in on a Friday evening. Check in process was flawless. My room was on the 6th floor with a good view of the pool and the courtyard.

The room layout and decor was more business then luxe but the bed was grand.  I seriously appreciated the three complimentary welcome apples because I was hungry. Yup it’s the little things.

I settled in, checked out the bathroom and that was definitely luxe. There is a massive ceiling shower head and a bidet. When we lived in Addis there was a bidet in every bathroom and to me it always say class. I was happy to see it. Though I did not put my nyash on it (now of course I wish I had).

Speaking of wishes the bathrobes needed to be bigger. The robe did not wrap around to cover my thighs completely because my posterior took so much space. Can you say African woman problems. Yup!

Anyway by the time I got proper settled in it was about 7:30pm. I called room service and they were busy but called back in 10 minutes when they were free. I order the grilled Grouper with spinach and pawpaw salsa, the tomato soup and yes a platter of cheese, crackers, and fruits. What diet?

I got my dinner in under 35 minutes and to be frank I wasn’t expecting much. Dinner was served with a basket of fresh bread rolls. I’ll talk about bread some more later. My grouper was perfection, the dish was light, and fresh, and the pawpaw salsa had a hint of spice. My tomato soup was okay too. I devoured the entire dinner. The cheese platter was great but I’m not really a cheese fan and some were just too smelly for my novice cheese palette. All in all room service day 1 was lush.

Next morning I woke up refreshed. I slept like a mom without a kid to disturb her rest. I wasn't very hungry but I was ready for breakfast. To reach the restaurant you have to access it via the third floor. Finding your way there is a bit of an adventure but it is a unique architectural treat to come out of the elevator, follow the sign and actually arrive outdoors on the third floor by the swimming pool.

Breakfast is a buffet. I ordered 3 poached eggs and got me as many mini baguettes as I could carry. The mini baguettes at Kempinski are the reason why French people deserve respect above and beyond all other people when it comes to bread. I could have 10 of those with butter everyday seriously. There was a buzz in the restaurant, of patrons, and local families. What I love about eating out in Accra unlike a lot of other hotels in West African cities is that more likely than not they’re more black faces, local people in the audience. I like that alot. It is because of this that local delicacies if you would like to try them are always on the menu.

I was busy scrolling up when who did I see float into the restaurant like the goddess she is? None other than Moments with Mo TV Talk Show Host, and Media Mogul/She Boss of Ebony Life TV, Mo Abudu. She was beautiful, and natural, and looked like a million bucks in a Tshirt and pyjama bottoms. Anyway some people are just born correct and Mo is one. I took her presence there as a sign that I was doing good in life, and headed in the right direction. When you find yourself breathing the same air as someone you admire and you’re on a staycation it is a sign.

After breakfast I went back to my room. At about midday I made my way down to the lounge area. I ordered the salade nicoise for lunch and again I was floored. The salad did not come with canned tuna as is the sadness of the matter when ordered elsewhere. The Kempinski Salad Nicoise was perfectly dressed and the tuna pieces had grill marks of perfection (yes perfect twice in one sentence). I cleaned out that plate like a thief in the night. Man it was good. It was soooo good I ordered the same thing the next day at lunch, and got down with the mini baguettes again!

My final night I ordered the shrimp fried noodles, a vegetable soup and a vanilla creme brulee. Again I did not expect to enjoy the noodles but I did. Delicious! I ate it all. Drank my soup though the sugar crust on top of my brulee was burnt the actual flavor and consistency of the cream was yummy. I ate well. Ate more baguette, slathered it with butter, and when I had finished I hugged myself. I really really deserved.

The wait staff were polite and spoke well. Whenever I asked for something it came in a timely manner and I felt serviced.

I guess by now you can guess that as I checked out and headed into my Uber that I was all smiles. I was grinning. I had two nights of perfect sleep. My son came by to visit during the day. We hugged, I breastfed him and then I sent him home. I ate to my heart’s delight and no one bothered me with the single black woman in an African Hotel side eye. I got to see Mo Abudu in person. I got work done and I even meditated with Headspace.

Was Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel in Accra, Ghana worth it? You betcha! It was so worth it. In fact it was so worth it I’ve decided that once a month I must treat myself to a staycation in a hotel like this. I deserve it. I’m worth it and I’m sure you are too.

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